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The state of Chiapas, bordered by the states of Tabasco to the north, Veracruz to the northwest, and Oaxaca to the west, is located on the south end of Mexico. It has 260 km (162 mi) of littoral facing the Pacific Ocean and has a total area of 72,211 km2 (28,653 sq mi). The prevailing climate is humid and tropical. The north area of the valley of Chiapas is dry and the south area is humid.

The Chiapas name comes from the Nahuatl compound word Chia and Apan which means in the river, that is to say Chia river. Chiapas itself is merely one portion of the large region that was inhabited by the Maya. The ancient Mayan culture flourished across a large portion of present-day Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras and the five Mexican states of Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, Campeche and Chiapas. The oldest Maya inscription date yet discovered is equivalent to December 36 B.C.

Mask of Rey Maya Pakal in Palenque Chiapas In this majestic state you can discover all that is offered by nature, cut through by abundant rivers, magnificent hills and volcanoes, and impenetrable jungles. It has hundreds of lakes, waterfalls, as well as an exceptional flora and fauna which make it perfect for adventure and ecotourism. Chiapas is famous for its wide variety of festive, traditions, crafts and cuisine. You can find great variety of restaurants where you can also learn a bit more about the culture and essence of Mexican food.

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The Central Valley highlands and steaming jungles of Chiapas hold some of Mexico's most fascinating archaeological records of the Mayan civilization, strongholds and ceremonial centers, among which are the larger sites of Palenque, Bonampak, Chinkultic, Yaxchilan and Tonina. Located about 290 km (180 mi) northeast of the state capital Tuxtla Gutierrez, Palenque is one of the most important Mayan archaeological zones and offers amazing temples and structures dating back the years 400 to 700 A.D. El Palacio (The Palace) is among the most important structures at the site. It is built on a base of 92 meters (300 feet) by 73 meters (240 feet) made with mansard-type roofs and the walls were covered with priceless stucco carvings of rulers, gods, and ceremonies that have taken place. It is believed to be the administration area of the government of Palenque. In the ruins surrounding areas, you can go hiking amongst dense jungle vegetation while appreciating the abundance of plant and animal species that inhabit the Palenque National Park. There is another national park located 55 km (34 mi) from Palenque called Agua Azul waterfall, this waterfall consist of many cataracts following one after another. The water is very blue and has a high mineral content.

About 6 km (4 mi) east of the archaeological zone and the national park lies the town of Palenque, which offers everything you’ll need for your visit. You can find various restaurants, cafes and bars where you can enjoy such delicious local cuisine while having a pleasant evening. Thanks to the region’s steep landscape, Palenque offers many jungle trails that lead to hills and mountains that provide excellent opportunities for climbing, outdoor activities and ecotourism.

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The state capital of Chiapas is Tuxtla Gutierrez has a pleasant semi-humid climate. The city itself is nestled in a valley among the mountains where you can find a blend of various architectural styles, like neocolonial and contemporary, at some of its most important historic buildings, such as the Catedral de San Marcos. At the traditional parks you can listen the sounds of the marimba while you are looking for a pleasant night out. If you are looking for more contemporary music you can visit the bars in the city center. Near the city lies a town called Chiapa de Corzo, besides visiting the ruins of a Mayan ceremonial center you can set out and explore the Sumidero Canyon, one of the nation’s most impressive natural attractions is occupied by an artificial lake which produces a large percentage of Mexico’s electricity.

In Chiapa’s central region, 85 km (53 mi) east of Tuxtla Gutierrez, lies San Cristobal de las Casas. This city has beautiful urban designs; its buildings were restored using a combination of abundant baroque-style details and local architectural elements, which reflect the cultural heritage of ethnic groups that live in the surrounding areas. You can discover impressive religious buildings like the Cathedral or the Templo de Santo Domingo, next to it you can find an outdoor crafts and textile market perfect if you wish to go shopping. San Cristobal is a quiet city, yet it has various places where you can enjoy a night out. The main religious celebrations take place during Holy Week; another important festivity is the Carnival of San Juan Chamula which is a town in San Cristobal’s surrounding areas. If you are looking for outdoor recreational activities such as horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking, you can visit Montebello Lagoons National Park, a group of more than 60 gorgeous lagoons with turquoise-blue water and sinkholes surrounded by forest.

Chiapas offers a diverse set of touring options in its territory. Traveling from one destination to another is an experience as well, as many roads wind their way around foreboding mountains, canyons and valleys. The government of Chiapas has worked hard to give the state the adequate infrastructure to allow a better transportation so its visitors can enjoy the different touristic areas. This is why, today, Chiapas presents the best conditions to enjoy the warmth of its people, its traditions, its nature, its archeological sites, and its colonial cities.


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